Mosman Park School for Deaf ChildrenMosman Park School for Deaf Children
Mosman Park School for Deaf Children
– all Auslan, all English, all the time!
Deaf kids canDeaf kids can
Deaf kids can
– achieve without limits.
Deaf kids can thriveDeaf kids can thrive
Deaf kids can thrive
- in an inclusive schooling environment.

Celebrating success and learning through Auslan!

At Mosman Park School for Deaf Children our Deaf and Hard of Hearing students have:

  • The opportunity to develop academic, social, physical, emotional and creative skills.
  • The right to have their presence valued in an inclusive setting.
  • Recognition for their efforts.
  • The opportunity to fully participate and the right to have equitable access to the wider curriculum.
  • The opportunity to achieve in a learning environment using a meaningful communication system – Auslan and English (spoken and signed).

A Unique School for Unique Children

Mosman Park School for Deaf Children (MPSDC) is a very unique school where children can access the curriculum in their first language, Auslan.

Deaf culture and language are celebrated here and our children thrive in this inclusive schooling environment.

Communication used is spoken and written English and Auslan (Australian Sign Language) which addresses individual student needs and is based on a bilingual/bicultural model.

Our team of dedicated professionals provide intensive language and maths intervention at exactly the level each child requires.

We have high expectations of our students and as a school we advocate the rights of Deaf Children.


A positive environment where Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children excel.

Deaf language and culture are celebrated here and our staff and students are proud to communicate in Auslan. Children do not feel isolated as the only Deaf child in a school, where they can only communicate through their interpreter, because all of our staff and students can sign.

At our school, deafness is not considered to be a disability.

Deaf and hearing, learn Auslan which allows for real inclusivity throughout the school day.

If you would like to know more, please come and see us.
There are wonderful things happening here and we would love to show you around.

smiling-sun.svg10 Reasons
to Enrol your Child

  1. At Mosman Park School for Deaf Children, deafness is not seen as a disability.
  2. We have a team of experts in Deaf education who create a program specific to your child's individual needs.
  3. We set the academic bar high.
  4. Our small classes allow for intensive language and maths development.
  5. Our Deaf role models are amazing and show our kids that deaf people can be very successful in life.
  6. Our kids are stars - working with the latest technology.
  7. We offer a well-rounded education for every child.
  8. Students can attend from all over the metropolitan area.
  9. Our lessons are designed to suit deaf children.
  10. Our kids are happy!